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Security Services

We are committed to provide best of Manpower Solutions to our clients and job seekers by adhering to our core values of honesty, integrity, innovation and excellence.

We provide exclusive and excellent security guarding services for all sectors,

For Industries.It is very important to have a reliable and effective security arrangement in order to have a tension-free and peaceful environment for your business.

Our Group is among the top private security guard solutions providers in Aurangabad. We provide guarding solutions to hospitals, banks, hotels, offices, industries and manufacturing sector. We provide security services to large and small enterprises. In the last 25 years of service in the field of Private Security, has focused towards being professional, ethical and consistent in our services and statutory compliances.

We are hiring quality personnel, imparting high standard of Training and emphasizing on the importance of individual and collective performance so as to ensure Client satisfaction. To achieve this we concentrate more on the growth & development of our employees through structured training programmers at various levels beginning with imparting high quality basic training and ensuring that this is a continuous process and helps individuals in their personal career growth.

Role & Responsibilities:

The role and responsibilities of a security guard is very crucial. A security guard should be treated as a key member of the staff as they provide us a secure and tension free environment.

A security guard performs very important tasks such as:

  • Vigilance: Check for any illegal and inappropriate activities
  • Prevention: Check for any doubtful persons or activities.
  • Protection: Safeguard the products, assets and people.
  • Data Entry: Entry of incoming & outgoing material in system.
  • Observe & Report: Check for any sign of crime, fire, accident, etc.
  • Access Control: Escort people within and between locations in a safe manner, inspect baggage, vehicles etc.
  • Vehicle Control: Monitoring traffic movements, using signals for directing traffic, controlling vehicular/ pedestrian traffic.
  • Crowd Control: Create barricade, lock down facility.
  • Report Writing: Record relevant factual data and circumstances incorporating who, what, where, when, why and how in report writing.
  • Emergency Situation Response & Handling : Risk factors, fire emergencies

For using lethal weapons they are trained and holds license from the respective government authority.

Guards loaded with security devices help them to perform their duties and operations easily and effectively. A guard on duty uses Metal Detectors (hand held and door type), Explosive Detectors, Reflectors, Walky-Talky Radios, etc. Security guards to be deployed at sensitive points, undergo special training mandated by the local or state government to carry and use special weapons like guns, pepper spray; batons, etc.

For Banks, Colleges, Commercial Establishments,
For Hospitals & Health Care Centers
Government Sectors